Window Cleaning

Cleanseal Exterior Cleaning

High Reach Poles

High reach poles almost eliminate the use of ladders. Our extendable poles allow us to clean your windows safely from ground level up to 50ft.


Water-fed Pole System

The use of pure water (Reverse Osmosis) will allow your windows to dry naturally to a streak-free finish. Your windows may take a few cleans before they are spotless, this is due to contaminants on the windows. A pure water technology system will deliver 100% pure water to your windows. No chemicals or detergents are used and the process is environmentally friendly. While impurities in ordinary tap water can cause spotting and streaking, once your windows have been cleaned and all contaminants removed your windows will dry streak-free. Learn more!


Our high-quality professional brush heads and soft water will leave your uPVC and windows with a great finish and clean walls safely.


Secret's in the Water!

Pure water window cleaning is currently a popular choice for window cleaners, providing a reliable solution that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. But how does it actually work? Well, once it’s being used on your windows you’ll find that pure water is free from any chemicals and minerals that are often put into tap water and makes it an inefficient option for window cleaning. Window cleaners will typically purify their water by using methods such as reverse osmosis and deionization – the water will then be stored in suitable containers and environments to keep it pure. The pure water will then be used to clean your windows before often being left to dry naturally, giving you that streak-free and crystal-clear finish that you’re looking for.

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You may not know that the residue left behind by using tap water and detergents is what can attract dirt to your window, so by using pure water window cleaning you are removing this film of grime-attracting soap from your windows – which will keep your windows looking fresher for longer. Pure water is also a more eco-friendly alternative to tap water and chemicals, preventing any of those harsh chemicals from entering the garden and harming any wildlife. Pure water is completely harmless to both your property and the environment around it – as well as leaving your windows looking better than ever.

As you can see, pure water window cleaning comes with many benefits and is a reliable alternative to the traditional water and detergent option that is so often used when cleaning windows.


Pure Water!